Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff

The Director General of the World Dialogue Council has previously served as Senior Advisor to the World Economic Forum and C100. He has undertaken extensive international and development work for the church. He is also currently developing the Global Values Initiative aiming to enhance Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable and ethical competitiveness.


He was formerly  Dean of All Saints’ Cathedral in Cairo where he has also advised the Anglican Bishop of Egypt, North Africa and the Horn of Africa, the Most Revd Dr Mounir Anis, currently Primate of the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. He has been a Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington DC. and  has assisted, on an adjunct basis, with the work of the international Anglican Consultative Council. He is special advisor to Lord Carey of Clifton, formerly the 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury.


He was educated at the Universities of London, Oxford and Yale. In Oxford he specialized in Philosophical Theology and he also taught Philosophy of Religion. At Yale he also studied International Relations and Islam and served as a Research Fellow.

With wide ranging experience in international and development work and special expertise in faith related dimensions, He founded Avancia Consulting and continues to undertakes consulting work and special projects and has particular expertise in negotiating successful outcomes in complex contexts with multiple actors and issues. Also consults in business ethics and the effective exercise of leadership and in conflict resolution. (Issues have ranged from, strategy for ensuring long term industry-leading innovation, to international corporate integration conflict and management challenges, through to addressing the local and regional challenges posed to and by development.

He currently divides his time mainly between the Middle East, UK and the United States.


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